USAID/REAP Funded Farm Service Center – Alva, LLC was opened in Sachkhere, Imereti Region


To address the problem of limited qualified and current agronomists, USAID/REAP, AgriGeorgia, GHGA and the Agrarian University launched a training and learning program to build the capacity of 17 Agrarian University students in hazelnut production. The first 10 day training program exposed students to modern harvesting and postharvest handling practices, while providing opportunities to learn from AgriGeorgia’s local and international experts. Students received theoretical and practical training, visited AgriGeorgia’s drying facility and learned how to properly harvest hazelnuts. This was the first of four planned training and learning programs which will train students in all aspects of hazelnut growing and prepare them for advanced studies or jobs in the expanding hazelnut sub-sector.


One of USAID's top goals is to strengthen Georgia's economy by helping its agricultural sector. Did you know that USAID is helping Georgian company Aromaproduct in exporting top-quality fruit juices all over the world?