REAP hosted USAID’s Assistant Administrator (AA), Thomas Melia

USAID Staff Visited USAID/REAP Funded Campa, LtD.

USAID\REAP's Farewell Event for Interns

USAID Annual Fair_October, 2015

USAID/REAP Internship Program _ October 2015

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of GeoFlower,Ltd.Drying Facility

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Alva,Ltd. Farm Service/Mechanization Service Center

Chef Ben Ford’s visit to USAID/REAP funded Georgian Fruit Company

USAID visit to USAID/REAP Funded Fruit Processing/Juice Making Facility - AromaProduct Ltd

USAID’s Visit to REAP Projects – July 29th, 2015

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of I/E Ts. Dighmelashvili Farm Service/Mechanization Service Center

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of AgroService, LTD Farm Service/Mechanization Service Center

USAID/REAP organized Farmer Field Day in Dedolplistkharo

USAID mission director’s visit to USAID/REAP funded Herbia, LTD

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Agrokartli, LLC - Farm Service/Mechanization Service Center

USAID/REAP Grantees Assisted the City_June 15, 2015

USAID/REAP Grantees Participated in America Days in Tbilisi

Winter Wheat Improvement hosted by USAID/REAP grantee Lomtagora

USAID/REAP provides assistance to VanRik - On Going

USAID/REAP Field Day – Vegetable Production / Seedling Production and Transplanting Technologies_May_2015



USAID/REAP - Pest Management

USAID/REAP Strategic Planning Training Event for Agribusinesses

USAID/REAP Launches Strategic Platform ‘Gender-Equitable Agriculture Development’

Field Day – Grafting Technology, March 6, 2015

USAID visited Agrokartli,Ltd

Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) Training for Agribusinesses_020915